Harris County Engineering Department
Real Property Division
Shannon C. Watson, P.E.
Division Manager
10555 Northwest Freeway, Suite 210
Houston, TX 77092
office (713) 274-3700
fax - administration (713) 437.4834


WELCOME to the Real Property Division of Harris County's Engineering Department. We handle the appraising and negotiations of land acquisitions needed for public projects. This division also processes right-of-way abandonments and sales of surplus county-owned land.

The population boom in Harris County over the last 20 years has fueled a corresponding need for new and expanded roadways. Before construction can begin, however, the right-of-way must be acquired.

Under the Constitution of the State of Texas, property may not be taken for public purposes without the payment of compensation to the property owner. Our acquisition process compensates property owners for the loss of property and damages to remaining property, if any, as a result of the government's acquisition of their property.

If you are searching for information about right-of-way permits (for driveway construction or for permission to perform any other type of work in the public right-of-way), please visit Right-of-Way Inspections

If you are searching for general information about the sale of surplus County-owned real estate (but not about transportation right-of-way), visit the Surplus Property page. The Real Property Division also purchases land for parks and recreation and for a variety of other reasons. They also manage the sale of County-owned properties.

Another site you may want to visit is the Harris County Appraisal District Records Search. You can search for property information by owner name, street address or tax ID (folio) number. You can also view aerial photographs of the entire county, and zoom in on any property you are trying to locate.