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  Policy Affecting School Portable Classroom Buildings:
Coordination with the Harris County Traffic Office is required prior to the issuance of permits for any portable classroom buildings being proposed on school sites:  For coordination information please contact Shawn Sturhan at
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Welcome to Civil Development

The Harris County Regulations for the approval and acceptance of Infrastructure was adopted April 30, 2002 and became effective May 15, 2002. Regulations were recently amended September 1, 2009.

These Regulations apply in all unincorporated areas of Harris County, Texas and those areas where Harris County maintains the rights-of-way.

At present, the Regulations of Harris County, Texas for The Approval and Acceptance of Infrastructure is available with the following content.

  • Section 1 Preliminary Provisions
  • Section 2 Use Of Terms
  • Section 3 General Provisions
  • Section 4 Administrative Procedures For Review Of Plats
  • Section 5 Administrative Procedures For The Review Of Construction Drawings
  • Section 6 Drainage Requirements
  • Section 7 Paving
  • Section 8 Structures
  • Section 9 Testing Requirements
  • Section 10  Inspections
  • Section 11  Acceptance Of Improvements Within Subdivisions
  • Section 12  Traffic
  • Section 13  Landscape And Monumentation
  • Section 14  Variances
  • Section 15 Severability
The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that the construction of infrastructure within the County's rights-of-way perform their intended function with limited maintenance and repair.


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