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Express Site Development Permit Section

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Determine Review Requirements


 The following qualify for Express Site Development Permit:


a. Driveways & Culverts --in Harris County Right of Way

  • Proposed Driveway
  • Driveway Addition
  • Proposed Driveway with culvert
  • Culvert Only
  • Sidewalk with Culvert
  • Re-surfacing over existing culverts

b.  Other Site Development

  • Cut
  • Fill
  • Paving (not substantial)
  • Re-surfacing over paving


  • Domestic water (excludes fire lines)
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Storm Sewer

Note: Proposed portable toilets (porta-cans) and holding tanks will be permitted through Harris County Wastewater Section.


  1. Permanent Buildings - Portable classroom buildings, Public utility buildings, Building less than 150 s.f. in the flood plain, storage (no larger than 400 s.f., no flammable or hazardous materials stored)
  2. Modular Buildings - Sales office, construction trailers
  3. Mobile Buildings - Food vendors
  4. Telecommunications Sites - Cell Tower structure, Accessory building/structure, Site Improvements
  5. Unenclosed Structures - Carports, Freestanding canopies with no flammable or hazardous materials stored, or no dining under canopy, Open sided park & Community pavilion (less than 700 s.f.)
  6. Industrial Facility with its own OSHA regulated Fire Brigade



  1. Pools
  2. Amenity pond
  3. Bridges
  4. Drill site operations - redevelopment or addition
  5. Commercial Landfill Operations - redevelopment or additions
  6. Fence (in hazardous flood plain or flood way only)


Subject File Type
Commercial Express Flyer pdf

Required Forms
Subject File Type
Express Site Development Application pdf

Supporting Information
Subject File Type
Site Plan pdf

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  Manager: Samuel Gorgy

  10555 Northwest Freeway
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Houston, Texas 77092

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