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Express Fire Code Review

Qualifications for Express Review

Harris County allows Express Fire Code Plan Review for permitting of certain smaller, lower hazard spaces. This review does not require plans drawn by an Engineer or Architect as specified by the State Boards. Plans may be drawn by the applicant but must be accurate, legible and contain all pertinent information, please see Express Fire Code Flyer for all the requirements. Express review will be followed up with an inspection by the Harris County Fire Marshal. Once the facility has passed inspection, a Certificate of Compliance OR a Certificate of Inspection will be issued.

**Express Fire Code Review is a privilege and it’s not always guaranteed to the occupancies outlined by Harris County Fire Code. Some occupancies will be handled on a case-by-case bases depending on the level of hazard. This will be determined by the Fire Marshal or the Building Official.

Does my project qualify for express review?
For New Facilities or Change of Occupancy

  1. Is your lease space 5,000 sq. feet or less?
  2. Is your lease space one of the qualifying occupancy types noted below?
    • Mercantile (Retail)
    • Business (Office)
    • S-1 (Moderate Hazard Storage)
    • S-2 (Low Hazard/Non-Combustible Storage)
    • F-1 (Moderate Hazard Industrial)
    • F-2 (Low-Hazard Industrial)
    • U (Miscellaneous)
If you can answer "yes" to these two questions then you may submit for express review.

You must complete and submit the following documents:
  • Express Fire Code Application
  • Site Plan (see example under supporting information)
  • Floor Plan (see example under supporting information)

If your answer to any one of these two questions is "no," please proceed to Fire Code Review.

For Existing & Continual Operating Facilities, please see our Codeword link below to determine if your establishment will require a Development Permit. http://hcpid.org/permits/docs/FC_code_commercial_establishment.pdf



Subject File Type
Express Fire Code Flyer Adobe pdf

Required Forms

Subject File Type
Express Fire Code Application pdf
Spec Space or Vanilla Box Application pdf

Supporting Information
Subject File Type
Site Plan pdf
Retail Floor Plan pdf
Office Floor Plan pdf
Food Service Establishment Floor Plan pdf
Dentist Office Floor Plan pdf
Daycare Facility Floor Plan pdf
Blank Grid Sheet (May be used for drawing your plans) pdf
State Requirements for an Architect pdf
State Requirements for an Engineer pdf
Harris County Department of Health link to web page
Fire Department Locator (HCFMO) link to web page

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