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John R. Blount, P.E., LEED AP
  Requirements of 30§TAC 285
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  New Harris County Tax Certificate Policy
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  Policy Affecting CPC-101 Expirations   

Welcome to Platting

Harris County is the 3rd most populous county in the United States; it is paramount to remain strategically organized and equipped to offer the very best service possible to our constituents, the development community and municipal partners. As a regulatory agency, it is our goal to assist the development community in envisioning, creating and building vibrant and sustainable developments for all residents of Harris County. We trust that this online tool will be of assistance to anyone looking to develop within Harris County.

The Platting Staff is charged with enforcing the Regulations of Harris County, Texas for the Approval and Acceptance of Infrastructure as amended from time to time by the Harris County Commissioners' Court. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure that all subdivision related projects are handled in a professional, courteous and timely manner. Whether this is your first experience or you are a seasoned consultant, we encourage you to complete our ”Survey“ and give us a barometer of your experience with the Platting Staff.

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

Several municipalities have extended their development ordinances to require municipal review and approval of subdivision of land within their extraterritorial jurisdictions in unincorporated Harris County. Below are links that will take you to each of their planning home pages for further development guidelines:

Subdivision of land in certain areas is solely reviewed and approved by Harris County Platting Group.
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