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ETJ Category A (Scenic Signs  )

Allowable on Premise Ground Sign Heights and Sizes by Sign Type and Category of Right-of-Way

Sign Type Height (ft) Size (sf)
Single Business Sign 14 100
Multi-Tenant Sign Two or Three Businesses 19 200
Multi-Tenant Sign More Than Three Businesses 24 300
Flag Sign 20 0

Application of Categories

Category "A" Category A signs are defined as Signs visible from, and located on-premises with frontage on the Rights of Way referenced in the scenic map below.


Qualifications For Review & Permitting
Submittal should consist of the following:

  • Sign Permit Application
  • Survey of Site or Site Plan
  • Sign Construction & Face Details
  • Dimension in Feet and Inches ONLY
  • Outside Wall Elevation
  • Super Imposed Signs
  • Ground Signs 30' or greater require Engineer Plan
Subject File Type
Commercial Signs Flyer Adobe pdf file

Required Forms
Subject File Type
 Sign Application Adobe pdf file

Supporting Information
Subject File Type
Example of Site Plan Adobe pdf file
Map of Scenic Area Adobe pdf file
Area of a Sign Adobe pdf file
Quantity Adobe pdf file

Contact Information

  Manager: Samuel Gorgy

  Deputy Sign Administrator:
Shepard R. Cross

  10555 Northwest Freeway
Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77092

Phone number 713 316 3521
Fax Number 713 956 3050
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